My work addresses the metaphysical through the exploration of what C.G. Jung referred to as “universal patterns of experience.” My sculpture explores how the individual and collective psyche coexist through the reoccurrence and presence of spiritual and physical archetypes. Much of my work investigates the world between physical matter and the spiritual and emotional unconscious, and the link between repression and manifestation. I use the repetition of geometric shapes that morph into larger organic forms to further articulate the idea of the conscious physical body being a manifestation of the unconscious spiritual mind. I have recently been extremely drawn to the Jungian concept of the “Shadow Self” and how this manifests in disorder and disease of the mind, body, and spirit when repressed.

My process both reflects and explores levels of consciousness. I continue to build upon the idea of codependence versus coexistence through the lens of the individual and collective conscious and unconscious, and the duality of order and disorder within the masculine and feminine archetypes. Most of my recent work begins with inspiration from the human figure. I use measurements from live models to render the form; in this stage all of my decisions are conscious and deliberate. My process then becomes more intuitive and I rely on the gesture and spiritual presence of the model as a guide to abstract the form. This process results in the emergence of anthropomorphic, exoskeleton-like beings that are meant to represent the world between the physical and spiritual psyche. When I am creating a form, I often turn it upside down or on its side and work on it from a different perspective. When I do this, it allows me to access new information and the piece transforms into something more. I am fascinated with exploring the individual expression of physical and emotional archetypes in an effort to better understand how we are all connected. It is through creating that we connect to ourselves, and in doing so we connect to all of humanity.